John Chambers, the founder and CEO of Cisco told the 25,000 attendees at the recently held Cisco live conference in San Diego that, “40% of businesses in this room, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years, It will become a digital world that will change our life, our health, our education, our business models at the pace of a technology company change. Chambers went on to predict that that 70% of companies will “attempt” to go digital, but only 30% of those that try it will be successful. He advised that either we disrupt or we get disrupted. What does this mean for your job in the next ten years?

By Jappreet Sethi

Instead of being overwhelmed by the current situation, you can take control of it and make it your own and be victorious. That’s the power of taking control and turning the tide on events when they unfold. As a consequence, you will discover how to continuously learn and be on top of the events.

The problem with the comfort zone

Your comfort zone is a dangerous place to be, it is where everything is wonderful, everything is familiar, and things are working well. So why is it dangerous? Because it keeps you inside the box where the world you know is familiar and there are no risks, as everything is tried and tested. This may sound good, but if everything outside the box is changing, you may be engulfed by the future and become non relevant. Case in point, remember what happened to the candle makers of the 19th Century.

We often think that life is more comfortable when we need to do things that we know will work well. There is no stress in battling out new thoughts and everything runs on autopilot. This comfort zone does not let you try anything new and hence you don’t experiment to stretch or grow. You don’t do new things and squander the opportunity of becoming something new or just being relevant or job worthy.

An easy way to get out of the comfort zone

Imagine for a moment that you lived in an ideal world where nothing that you tried to do could go wrong. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Now go ahead and write down five things that you would attempt, keeping in mind that there is no possibility of getting it wrong, facing any adversity or enduring any risk.

When you dream, take the lid off your mind; let the universe be your boundary line, if you want to have one. Dream with a purpose that fills you with satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment. Then start visualizing how you can make that dream come true, without a plan you will fall flat and get back to your comfort zone. The plan will keep you glued to the dream and you will start enjoying the journey to the dream. The most successful people in the world are not serious about their dreams; they are very serious about its transition. Give your heart and soul to the transition and avoid any negative thoughts about failure. Once you start feeling comfortable and confident in being outside your comfort zone, take a hard look at your career and do a similar exercise.

Getting ahead of the limitations set by your comfort zone will help you in finding the joy, meaning, contentment and future success. Additionally you will start the journey of moving into new terrains and skills to remain employable in the next decade.

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