With world class research, visionary universities, a strong health care system with excellent infrastructure and data collection and an effective business environment, Denmark stands out as a global player in life sciences and the home of a world leading health care industry.

For many years, Denmark has been an international health laboratory, attracting international businesses and researchers. Reasons include the presence of a strong healthcare industry, a long-standing tradition for efficient public-private partnerships and a keen political focus on creating framework conditions conductive to research and business development within healthcare and welfare.

A booming industry
A new analysis from the Confederation of Danish Industry shows a very positive development in international sales for Danish life science companies. In 2015, the export reached a significant milestone as international sales increased to more than DKK 100 billion equivalent to €13.7 billion ($15.4 billion).

The milestone is the result of a period of great success and growth in the Danish life science sector. From 2000 to 2015, the export of medicines and medical devices increased from €4.5 billion ($5 billion) to €13.7 billion ($15.4 billion).

“The life science industry in Denmark has developed into a strong and competitive cluster – a statement clearly underlined by the increased export.  The Danish healthcare landscape offers an abundance of pioneering and state-of-the-art medical solution with immense potential for treating or preventing illness. Add to that the presence of a handful of authentic global pharmaceutical companies and it is clear why the country has gained its high profile. But we are not just resting on past glories – we want to cement our global position and even improve it, which is why, we are working hard  to make Denmark a much more attractive place to invest,” says Tine Hartmann Nielsen, Team Leader in Invest in Denmark, Denmark’s official investment promotion agency within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Attractive to foreign investors
Denmark offers a low corporate tax rate, competitive business costs, flexible labour market conditions, and simple procedures for establishing a business. Furthermore, Denmark has a well-organised and publicly financed healthcare sector that maintains a high standard with highly qualified and motivated personnel.  In sum, Denmark offers some of the best possible conditions for conducting business in the life science industry.

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